Rømer heating unit

Designed for the French company Qarnot computing, Rømer exploits the heat of microprocessors to warm homes. Acting as an uncentralized data center, each unit is dissipating the heat generated by the computation of various tasks through a groundbreaking casted aluminum foam (castfoam©), ending up in a premium radiator and negative heating bills - energy being payed off by the computing service's clients.
June - 2017

Up to 78% less GHG impact

Whereas classical data centers spend a huge amount of enery cooling their infrastructures, Rømer heater & the Qarnot network use the heat that would otherwise be wasted, reducing the carbon footprint of both the data centers & domestic heating by 78%.

A revolutionary heat diffusion

The Castfoam© material developed by CTIF offers an incredible diffusion surface that allows for the radiation of a high quality heat with great inertia